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Contractors know the benefits of working with site-built wall panels having the inherent flexibility to compensate for the inconsistencies of most interior wall dimensions in elevations and widths and that allows the contractor to accommodate any last-minute design or dimensional changes. The FabriTRAK® System of site-built acoustical and upholstered fabric covered wall panels can be applied over virtually any substrate (sheetrock, plaster, concrete, steel or tile) and is engineered to accommodate the architectural and design professional's creativity to allow custom is standard. FabriTRAK® frameworks are comprised of U.L. fire-retardant rigid vinyl locking channels ("track") with four distinct edge designs (cove, beveled, square and joiner for abutted panels ) . FabriTRAK® wall or ceiling panels are created per specification - shape, width, and height and thickness. The infill material which may be made of acoustic foam, polyester material, cotton, fiberglass or wood to acomodate the designers room requiremnts. The infill material is iinstalled within the perimeter of the FabriTRAK® framework and secured between the fabric and the substrate. Fabric is then stretched over the FabriTRAK® framework. Specially manufactured FabriTRAK® installation tools are used to insert the fabric into FabriTRAK®'s uniquely designed serrated locking jaws leaving a perfectly crisp, smooth finished edge.

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