FabriTRAK® - A Visually Sound Solution

The FabriTRAK® System is used to create acoustically decorative walls and ceilings in virtually any look desired. FabriTRAK® is considered the industry leader in using fabric as an architectural finish.

The FabriTRAK® Wall System is a compilation of unique patented products that provide a method, utilizing fabric as an architectural finish. It is a cost effective tool for creating and enhancing interior environments with form, function, color and texture. The FabriTRAK® System is an on-site installation, engineered to accommodate the architectural and design professional's creativity. FabriTRAK® profiles are recyclable and the sustainable ("Green") aspects of the System can be further enhanced with infills and fabrics that meet the LEED requirements of the U.S.G.B.C. With FabriTRAK®, custom is standard.

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Architects & Designers

If you specify high quality unique Architectural Finishes, this is your area.

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FabriTRAK® offers solutions for a wide array of projects. FabriTRAK® s latest project in ATLANTA was designed for a corporate boardroom. The architect and client desired an acoustic solution while at the same time wanted to create a unique and artistic statement. For more photos from this project and other recent FabriTrak® projects, click here.