Architects & Designers

FabriTRAK® as a Design Tool

Architects and designers understand and value the flexibility of FabriTRAK® acoustical and uplolstered fabric-covered wall and ceiling treatments. Clients appreciate the unique creative style and acoustic qualities that theFabriTRAK System brings to boardrooms, conference halls, home and commercial theaters and much more.

Fabric Changeability

Fabric installed with the FabriTRAK® System is easily and economically changeable. This total flexibility offers the following:

  • The client can totally create an entirely new look by selecting new fabric for the redressing process
  • Fabric can easily be replaced anytime without having to change the installed FabriTRAK® profiles
  • The FabriTRAK® System framework of Trak profiles and the infill core material remain in place and there is no damage to the substrate
  • Fabric changes may be done "after scheduled hours" so as not to disturb the work area

Custom is Standard

FabriTRAK® allows the designer the choice of vertical, horizontal, curved, irregular or angular panel configurations which are site-fabricated to the most exacting tolerances. To further enhance the dramatic look FabriTRAK® also offers panels that can be designed with reveals of fabric, chrome, brass, laminate, veneer or paint.


The FabriTRAK® System may be installed with a variety of Customer's Own Material (C.O.M.) and is designed to accommodate all non-hydrophillic fabrics including suitable leathers, vinyls and silks. Exceptions are translucent fabrics, due to their see-through characteristics, unless they are backed with a material to prevent the see-through to the infill material. Hydrophilic fabrics containing a high percentage of fibers such as rayon, acetate or spun nylon are not suitable for any vertical wall applications because they absorb moisture and become unstable and will cause sagging. All fabrics must be flame retardant and be tested to the latest edition of the ASTM E 84, Standard Test Method for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials.

Quality Assurance

In contrast to other methods, fabrics are always installed from the face (front) of the panel. This application insures perfect grain alignment vertically and horizontally. All interior finishes and products are only as good as the craftsman that installs the product.  Each FabriTRAK® Installation Dealer undergoes a product, sales, installation and quality control training program necessary to maintain the quality standard and reputation of the FabriTRAK® System. 

Our hallmark continues to be quality and service!  The global FabriTRAK® family is available and ready to work with you to ensure the highest quality and service possible from specification through installation of current and future projects.

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