1. Does FabriTRAK® sell acoustic systems to retail consumers?

FabriTRAK® is only sold to appointed licensed installation dealers that have been vetted as to their organizational capability, financial stability and pro-active sales and customer service.  Licensed installation dealers are fully trained in all aspects of marketing, sales and installation activities to maintain the quality standards of FabriTRAK®. Retail consumers are encouraged to contact a FabriTRAK® dealer nearest them, or contact us at our corporate headquarters.

2. I'm interested in FabriTRAK®. Can I use any fabric?

The FabriTRAK® System can utilize virtually any wall upholstery fabric; however, certain fabrics, textiles and weights provide better results. Polyester fabrics that are non-hydrophilic are recommended. Your local FabriTRAK® licensed installation dealer is your resource that is completely familiar with fabrics and can provide information as to which fabrics are best suited to the FabriTRAK® System.

3. Can I order TRAK® that is longer than 5 feet or another color?

FabriTRAK® is typically sold in nominal 5 feet (1.5m) lengths in order to allow for easier shipping and handling on the job site; however, we can and do accept special orders (with minimum quantity requirements) for longer lengths.  Custom colors are available upon request.

4. Can the FabriTRAK® System be used on curved walls, columns and other shapes?

The FabriTRAK® System is uniquely suited for use on curved walls and columns. TRAK® may be bent to many unusual shapes, including serpentine and tight curves, to accommodate any special design.

5. I'm interested in acoustic ceilings. Can FabriTRAK® be used on ceilings?

The FabriTRAK® System works equally well on walls and ceilings. Please visit our image gallery for pictures of FabriTRAK® ceilings projects. If you would like additional information about FabriTRAK® solutions for ceilings, please contact your local FabriTRAK® dealer or contact us.

6. How is FabriTRAK® applied to walls? What are the application methods: adhesive, tape, staples, size and type of staples and staples guns used? Can I buy the tools for installation?

FabriTRAK® provides thorough training and a detailed installation manual for all distributors and dealers, which includes complete instructions and what materials to use. To ensure the highest quality and standards of FabriTRAK® installation, we send seasoned installation experts to train new dealers. FabriTRAK® has also developed patented custom-designed installation tools to facilitate an easy, quality fabric insertion in the TRAK®.

7. Is the FabriTRAK® system environmentally friendly?

FabriTRAK® lends itself to an Environmentally Sustainable Environment and can be part of a "sustainable" system. The TRAK® is recyclable and is therefore sustainable, the infill (core) is recyclable, and you can select fabric that is made from recycled content. FabriTRAK® Systems, Inc. is pleased to accept any FabriTRAK® removed from walls and will recycle such TRAK® to ensure continued sustainability.  For more about FabriTRAK® and its environmental benefits, please contact us.

8. How can I become a FabriTRAK® dealer or distributor?

FabriTRAK® seeks new dealers and distributors in many geographic areas throughout the world. If you are interested in becoming a dealer or distributor, please contact us at our corporate headquarters by email - we look forward to hearing from you.

9. How do I become a member of the WUGA - Wall Upholstery Guild of America?

All distributors and dealers of FabriTRAK® Systems, Inc. become members of the Wall Upholstery Guild of America once their installers complete the requisite training and are classified as certified installers.